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Travel Pro Mail

Get a professional email address / email account accessible from the web and OpenTravel CRM.

FREE QuickBooks

Simple Start 2008

Download the industry leading accounting software for free.

NOTE: Simple Start is for first–time QuickBooks users. It cannot import data from prior versions of QuickBooks, Quicken, or Peachtree. For Windows only.

Electronic Cruise Booking

Get real time access to Galileo's cruise inventory with low booking fee's of 99 cents per reservation .

Personal Email Domain

Send and receive email with a personal email address – You@YourDomainName.com .

Professional e-Marketing

Distribute and manage your email marketing campaigns — manage opt out requests, undeliverable email
addresses and view click through reports.

OpenTravel Professional

Go Ad-Free

OTC Professional Edition is a non-ad version of the industry-leading CRM solution. When upgrading from Express to Professional Edition, the application functionality remains the same, however, the advertisements are no longer displayed

Galileo Terminal

$9.99 per month

Capture and send PNR information between OpenTravel CRM and Galileo .


Flight Information & Tracking Service

View your clients flight status' in real time with a single click of the mouse .

Electronic Hotel Booking

Get real-time access to Galileo and Pegasus' hotel inventory to compare prices and book at the lowest rates .

Accounting Export

Accounting Export allows OpenTravel CRM users to export General Ledger journal entries into a comma separated values file. This file can then be imported into many accounting systems and all of the travel related accounting information will be available in the target accounting system. This feature allows users to choose their accounting platform independent of the CRM and travel management system.

Contract Management

Build net rate supplier contracts, manage contract inventory and book at contracted rates .


The Marketplace is your source for value added OpenTravel CRM products, services, add-ons and application components.

Electronic Cruise Booking

OpenTravel CRM’s integrated Cruise Search and Booking module provides real-time access to Galileo’s cruise inventory with a low $0.99 cent per night / per cabin fee.  Using this service, all commission payments are paid in full (less the $0.99 cabin fee) to your agency.

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Electronic Hotel Booking

OpenTravel CRM’s integrated Hotel Search and Booking module provides real-time access to Galileo & Pegasus’ hotel inventory – eliminating the need to search the internet for the best rates.  Using this service, you can compare prices, check availability and book rooms from within OpenTravel CRM.

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Galileo Terminal Access

OpenTravel CRM users benefit from OTC’s web based command line terminal access into Galileo.  Using this service, OpenTravel CRM users can quickly move client information into PNR’s as well as create, view and capture PNR information back into OpenTravel CRM from Galileo.  Galileo Terminal Access requires an active Galileo account.

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Contract Management

OpenTravel CRM’s Contract Management module provides agencies with all the tools necessary to manage your supplier contract inventory.  Using this service, you can build net rate contracts, create rates, track inventory, search for availability and book from within OpenTravel CRM.  Rates can be calculated based on mark-up or mark-down formulas .

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Flight Information & Tracking

OpenTravel CRM’s Flight Information & Tracking (FLIFO) module provides agencies with all the tools necessary to track client’s flights and notify them in the event of a delay.  Using FLIFO, you can view flight status’ in real-time with a single click of the mouse.

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Personal Email Domain Name

Get a personalized domain name for your email – you@yourdomain.com <mailto:you@yourdomain.com> – accessible via the Travel Pro Mail service.

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Professional eMarketing

OpenTravel CRM’s eMarketing service provides agents with all the tools necessary to design, build and distribute professional looking email marketing campaigns.  Using this service, you can use a design template or design your own, build a marketing list from your contacts, and view click through reports while OTC manages unsubscribe requests and tracking of undeliverable email addresses.

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FREE QuickBooks Simple Start 2008

QuickBooks Simple Start 2008 is a free edition of the popular accounting software title from Intuit Inc.  Simple Start is a full featured desktop version for first time users operating on a Windows platform.

NOTE: When using this version of QuickBooks you cannot import data from previous versions of QuickBooks, Quicken or Peachtree.

FREE QuickBooks Simple Start 2008 Learn more

Travel Pro Mail

OpenTravel CRM’s TravelPro Mail service provides agents with access to a professional travel industry email address (@TravelProMail.com).  Using this service, you can access email through the web, OpenTravel CRM, Outlook or Outlook Express while maintaining a professional appearance for your email communications.  

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OpenTravel CRM Professional Edition
(No Ad Version)

OTC Professional Edition is a non-ad version of the industry-leading CRM solution.  When upgrading from the Free to Professional Edition, the application functionality remains the same, however, the advertisements are no longer displayed.

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