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NOTE: Simple Start is for first–time QuickBooks users. It cannot import data from prior versions of QuickBooks, Quicken, or Peachtree. For Windows only.

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Get real time access to Galileo's cruise inventory with low booking fee's of 99 cents per reservation .

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Send and receive email with a personal email address – You@YourDomainName.com .

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Capture and send PNR information between OpenTravel CRM and Galileo .


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View your clients flight status' in real time with a single click of the mouse .

Electronic Hotel Booking

Get real-time access to Galileo and Pegasus' hotel inventory to compare prices and book at the lowest rates .

Accounting Export

Accounting Export allows OpenTravel CRM users to export General Ledger journal entries into a comma separated values file. This file can then be imported into many accounting systems and all of the travel related accounting information will be available in the target accounting system. This feature allows users to choose their accounting platform independent of the CRM and travel management system.

Contract Management

Build net rate supplier contracts, manage contract inventory and book at contracted rates .

OpenTravel CRM in the News

February 19, 2008
Business WireIT Group Selects OpenTravel CRM

HARTFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IT Group announced that it has selected OpenTravel CRM™ for use by its 800 plus member travel agency consortia. Under the arrangement, travel agency members within the IT Group network will have free access to a special branded version of OpenTravel CRM™... Read More

HARTFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OpenTravel CRM™, a new web based travel customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and back office solution for travel agencies, has reported that its user base has grown to over 2,000 users in a little over 4 months since its launch. OpenTravel CRM™...Read More

November 19, 2007
ModernAgentOpenTravel CRM Integrates Facebook

OpenTravel CRM has integrated Facebook with its customer relationship management into the free CRM system and will release the beta version Nov. 23. Integrating Facebook with OpenTravel will allow travel professionals to download and include Facebook friends' profiles in their...Read More

October 24, 2007
Travel Trade Web 2.0 - Different Tools To Take You Beyond the Basics

This is the third in a series in which Travel Trade explores the benefits of online tools commonly grouped together under the Web 2.0 banner, and offers ideas on taking your Web 2.0 site up a notch. Please visit www.traveltrade.com to read the complete...Read More

October 15, 2007
Travel Trade The free OpenTravel CRM solution gains ground

Travel Sciences, a technology company based in hartford, ct, recently debuted a web-based customer relationship management and back-office tool for travel agents, entering a market already occupied by the likes of ClientBase Plus and others. How will...Read More

October 04, 2007
Travel Trade CRM Software Helps Agents Connect With Customers

Upscale clothing retailers like Tiffany and Brooks Brothers have built their reputations on excellent customer service. A Tiffany salesperson knows when a client's birthday is coming up and knows if a client might be interested in a new product. But just knowing isn't enough; the salesperson...Read More

The launch of a radically new offering called OpenTravel CRM™ in mid -September, is reportedly taking off. Within its first 30 days, it is expected to have garnered over 1,000 registered users. OpenTravel CRM™ is the first free, all-inclusive software for travel agents. The web based software...Read More

Hartford, Conn. | New technology just-released to travel agents has the potential of significantly improving agents’ productivity as well as the bottom line for hotels, cruise lines, airlines and other suppliers, according to Travel Sciences, the Connecticut -based creators of the new technology...Read More

Billed by company officials as "the first free, all-inclusive software for travel agents," OpenTravel CRM has been introduced in Las Vegas.

The Web-based software handles customer relationship management and bundles that with e-marketing, trip planning, custom itineraries, commission tracking and reporting...Read More

September 11, 2007
ModernAgentFree Travel Agent CRM Tool Makes Debut

OpenTravel CRM, a web-based software system designed to handle all aspects of customer relationship management, made its debut at THETRADESHOW yesterday. The free program also provides agents with booking tools, emarketing, custom itineraries, commission tracking and reporting, and accounting functions...Read More

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