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If you are in the business of travel, OpenTravel CRM — Enterprise Edition is the only true enterprise ready, scalable CRM that is specifically built for your unique business needs. Our platform has been deployed with Cruise and Tour operations, Hotel and Resort CRS systems, CVBs, and large retail travel enterprises.

Who Can Use It?

.NET N Tier Scalable Architecture

If you are in the business of travel, OpenTravel CRM — Enterprise Edition is the only true enterprise ready, scalable CRM that is specifically built for your unique business needs. Our platform has been deployed with Cruise and Tour operations, Hotel and Resort CRS systems, CVBs, and large retail travel enterprises.

Our service oriented architecture allows OpenTravel CRM to seamlessly and efficiently integrate with existing reservation and booking systems, and provides you with enhanced customer service, marketing and business intelligence data.

Convention & Vacation Bureaus

Promoting your destination is your number one priority, and establishing an effective outreach and communications capability is important. Using a CRM allows you to capture key information from individuals and organizations that touch your organization. Unify your brochure and visitor package fulfillment information, destination inquiries and other information and support requests into an effective visitor support and response platform, and marketing database with built-in follow-up. Use visitor data and interest for targeted and personalized marketing campaigns designed to attract visitors to your destination and keep them coming back. A robust reporting platform provides reporting to enable you to analyze your ROI and effectiveness.


Cruise and Tour Businesses

Provide your organization with a unified customer data view for enhanced customer service and customer marketing intelligence. Manage preferences, related passengers, passport history, frequent traveler programs, membership levels and more. Manage travel partners, consortia, groups and other organizations within a unified data environment. Streamline and improve business process flows with an integrated workflow engine. Intelligently market to your customers and prospects using customer data.


Hotel and Resort Enterprises

Whether you are an independent hotel owner or group, or chain, you can improve your guest relationships and market more effectively to them through a unified guest view. Capture preferences and use them in the reservation and room assignment process. Provide your reservations specialists and call center agents with key customer data, travel preference, related guests, membership, and past stay information. Offers and specials are stored with guest profiles, providing enhanced access and response capabilities. Manage travel partners, consortia, groups and other organizations within a unified data environment.


Why Choose It?


Travel Experts Yes, made by Travel Industry Experts.
Travel Business Functionality Yes, made for Travel Businesses.
Most Modern Technology Yes, .NET 2.0/3.0 Web Application, C# MS SQL
Tested and Deployed Yes, designed from ground up 1st generation deployed solution
Easy integration with
Existing Business Systems
Yes, SOA Platform, N-Tier, Web Services
Easily Modified and Adaptable Yes, Web Services and APIs
Scalable Platform Yes, best practices design for high scalability
Flexible Pricing with Minimal Commitments Yes, monthly through long term license option
Dedicated Service Yes, we serve only travel businesses


Designed For Travel

OpenTravel CRM is designed specifically for the travel enterprise. It is more than a customer relationship management solution. Functionality extends beyond the generic CRM functionality and includes critical mid-office and back office functions.

Using a CRM in the travel enterprise requires handling unique and specialized data and industry specific functions to create true business benefits.


OpenTravel CRM handles Travel Data:
Traveler Profiles Membership Level and Membership Information Opportunity Management Preferred Agent Assignments
Consortia Related Travelers, Guests and Passengers Frequent Traveler/Guest Programs Special Offers Sent
Supplier Profiles Itinerary and Booking Information Emergency Contacts Reservation and Booking Data
Travel Partner Profiles Payment Types Medical Conditions Travel/Stay History
Group and Organization Profiles Invoice and Credits

Points/Gift and Inconvenience Certificates
Travel Related Preferences

Special Requests


Travel Business Functions in Mind
SuperPNR structures- itinerary storage and reporting Branches, Locations and Agents Multi-currency , Multi-Languange
Integrates with Financial Systems (Oracle, Navision, Quick Books, MAS 90, TRAMS) Can interface with GDS MIR records for auto –import of PNR segments

Interfaces with Booking and Reservation Systems

Integrated Web Email Editor (Pop 3, IMAP 4 and Exchange ready)
Screen Pop Ready Workflow for QoS and Fulfillment Can interface with other third party campaign systems
Desktop Calling Capable Integrated Bulk e-Campaign Marketing with Click and Open Reporting Sales and Commissions Reporting at all levels

Our Technology

State of the Art, Best of Breed Technology

With OpenTravel CRM you get the best of both worlds — a solution with a history of success in a brand new, state of the art technology platform.

The Technology

  • Web Based
  • .Net 2.0/3.0 C# Language
  • Windows 2003 and MS SQL 2005.
  • Compatible with all Major Browsers - IE, FireFox, Safari and Opera. No client downloads.
  • Intuitive GUI. AJAX controls are used to improve users experiences.

A Partner Investing In Excellence

Travel Sciences invested and built OpenTravel CRM from the ground up based on a earlier version enterprise travel CRM that has been successfully deployed. This was done to provide our customers with the best and most advanced technology platform available. In doing so, we have removed proprietary barriers, opened access, reduced total cost of ownership, empowered customers to modify and connect to it, and extended the life of the platform.


Designed for the Largest and Most Intensive Environments. Our platform has undergone an independent architectural design evaluation by EDS and was determined to be highly scalable, and capable of handling the largest of organizations.

N-Teir Architecture — OpenTravel CRM uses an "N-Tier" architecture with 4 levels of separation: Graphical User Interface (GUI) and GUI Wrapper layer, Business Logic Layer, Services Layer, and Data Access Layer.

Object Oriented (OO) Design — designed with abstracted and reusable components

SOA Design Platform — OpenTravel CRM is built on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform. The application has multiple layers of accessible interfaces, including exposed service layers, reusable dll components architecture, wrapper API layers and data access layers.

Exposed Web Services — Cross Platform Integration— OpenTravel CRM enables easy cross platform integration through web services.

Workflow — Our platform includes a powerful workflow engine that allows you to rapidly build and change business your processes.

Features Overview

Proven in Complex Environments — Stepping In Where
"World Class Generics" Stop

  • Developed Automated Visitor Entry and Exit Document Processing, Tourism Statistics and CRM for Government of The British Virgin Islands. Replaced Cybase Data System and Supplemented 3MM Border and Immigration Information Management System
  • Developed Integrated Travel CRM, Reservation Processing, and Financial Back-office system for Oakwood Worldwide, the largest temporary corporate housing service in the world. Supplemented and wrapped around Seibel CRM to provide necessary travel CRM management functions
  • Uniworld Cruise Lines - Replaced Act and implemented cohesive data management through CRM

Travel Expertise

OpenTravel CRM is brought to you by Travel Sciences, a technology firm dedicated to the travel industry.

  • Understand Complex Travel Business — The only firm in the world that has successfully designed a modern, web based end-to-end cruise and tour reservation system.
  • Industry Specific Knowhow — reservations processing, dynamic packaging, workflow and fulfillment, GDS and CRS integration, net inventory management, contract management, travel commissions processing, invoicing .
  • Recognized Experts — Published and recognized by leading industry and scientific experts in the field of yield management.
  • Experience — Uniworld Cruise Lines, Nassau and Paradise Islands Tourism Board., Oakwood Worldwide, Pegasus, British Virgin Islands, Andrew Harper
  • OpenTravel CRM is the result of industry experience and travel user input

Web 2.0 Ready with Social Network Management

OpenTravel CRM is designed to enable Travel Businesses to thrive in the dynamic world of internet driven consumer interactions.

  • Public IM Integrated with Customer Presence
  • Skype Integrated with embedded Click to Dial Tags
  • Desktop Integrated Blogging
  • Facebook Profile Integration
  • RSS Reader and Syndication
  • Interactive Mapping with embedded Address Tags
  • Integrated Forums Capability

OpenTravel CRM equips your business to actively participate in the next generation of web enabled customer interaction. CRM solutions can no longer be about passive data and profile management. Web enabled social interaction play an ever increasing role in building and maintaining customer relationships.

Flexible Delivery and Licensing Options

Delivery Choice

OpenTravel CRM can be delivered to meet your unique needs.

  • Application Service (Hosted for You)
  • Third Party Hosted (You Arrange Hosting)
  • On Site (You Host the Application on Your Servers)
Affordable and Flexible Licensing Options

OpenTravel CRM is available under a variety of licensing options at a cost effective price:

  • Flexible License Model:
    • No Commitment - Month to Month (Application Service Delivery required)
    • Term License
    • Perpetual License Purchase
  • Flexible License Type:
    • Use Licenses
    • Use License plus Source Code (Not for Redistribution)
  • Flexible Quantity:
    • By Seat
    • Seat Blocks
    • Unrestricted Use
.NET N Tier Scalable Architecture
.NET N Tier Scalable Architecture

A Common Sense Guide to
Picking the Right CRM

  • Would you use your general physician to perform heart surgery?

    No. You need a specialist.

  • Would you use a chainsaw to trim your hedges?

    No. You use a hedge trimmer which designed to cut them.

  • If you built a house would you install foreign electric sockets?

    No. You want your house to have appliances that plug-in and work.

  • When you buy a new TV, do you ask for old picture tube technology or the new LCD or Plasma TVs?

    No. When you invest in a new purchase you want the newest and most viable technology.

  • Would you fly in an experimental airplane when you travel next?

    No. You want systems that are reliable and tested.

  • When you buy shoes, do you ask which are the most in stock?

    No. you buy the pair that fits - your style, size and intended use.

  • Do you buy gasoline by the truck load to save a few pennies a gallon?

    No. buy what you need when you need it.

  • Would you buy a car that can only go 40 MPH?

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  • Do you want your child in a class room of 40 kids?

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