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Travel Pro Mail

Get a professional email address / email account accessible from the web and OpenTravel CRM.

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Simple Start 2008

Download the industry leading accounting software for free.

NOTE: Simple Start is for first–time QuickBooks users. It cannot import data from prior versions of QuickBooks, Quicken, or Peachtree. For Windows only.

Electronic Cruise Booking

Get real time access to Galileo's cruise inventory with low booking fee's of 99 cents per reservation .

Personal Email Domain

Send and receive email with a personal email address – You@YourDomainName.com .

Professional e-Marketing

Distribute and manage your email marketing campaigns — manage opt out requests, undeliverable email
addresses and view click through reports.

OpenTravel Professional

Go Ad-Free

OTC Professional Edition is a non-ad version of the industry-leading CRM solution. When upgrading from Express to Professional Edition, the application functionality remains the same, however, the advertisements are no longer displayed

Galileo Terminal

$9.99 per month

Capture and send PNR information between OpenTravel CRM and Galileo .


Flight Information & Tracking Service

View your clients flight status' in real time with a single click of the mouse .

Electronic Hotel Booking

Get real-time access to Galileo and Pegasus' hotel inventory to compare prices and book at the lowest rates .

Accounting Export

Accounting Export allows OpenTravel CRM users to export General Ledger journal entries into a comma separated values file. This file can then be imported into many accounting systems and all of the travel related accounting information will be available in the target accounting system. This feature allows users to choose their accounting platform independent of the CRM and travel management system.

Contract Management

Build net rate supplier contracts, manage contract inventory and book at contracted rates .

OpenTravel CRM Trial Edition

OpenTravel CRM is a fully functional, web based customer contact management and marketing system for travel professionals!

What is OpenTravel CRM

It is a web based customer contact management and marketing system for travel professionals!

You can store and manage all of your customer contact information, including travel profile and preferences, send and track custom branded email campaigns, build custom itineraries and track your commissions. Plus, there is a whole lot more.

Why Use OpenTravel CRM

It’s designed for travel, confidential and secure. If you are using contact tools that are not designed for travel like Outlook or ACT, or are using expensive tools like ClientBase or ClientEase, it’s definitely time for you to change. Save Money, Save Time, and Increase Sales.

Expand your customer base, improve your customer relationships and dramatically increase sales by applying proven business and marketing techniques through easy to use tools.

What’s In It

OpenTravelCRM™ is loaded with key business functionality that will dramatically improve your business.

Travel CRM & Email Marketing

The CRM and campaign management engine provides you with rich interactive customer relationship building capabilities.  Customer information is captured, stored and efficiently leveraged for use in key business processes.  Marketing campaigns can be quickly created and are attached to customer profiles to manage inbound activity and measure marketing success.

Next Generation Marketing

OpenTravel CRM provides the first integrated social networking management and Web 2.0 strategy for advanced web presence and marketing within a travel business software solution environment.  OTC makes blogging, online customer presence, instant messaging, customer forums and interactive mapping part of the everyday business fabric of users.

Trip Planning - Flexible Reservation and Booking

OpenTravel CRM includes several methods of booking and reservation capability that provide maximum flexibility for users.  Direct electronic connectivity, supplier travel partner web linked access, and manual booking capture are covered.  Booking transactions and PNRs are automatically stored in the system.  The super PNR enables custom itinerary and invoice creation, commission reporting and tracking, and marketing information for future targeted campaigns.

Supplier & Commission Management

OpenTravel CRM provides supplier profile and commission management.   In concert with the automatic reporting capabilities and back office functions, commission management and collection can be accurately managed to maximize revenue.

Back Office & Reporting

OpenTravel CRM captures and reports booking and sales information.

Custom invoices are generated and financial data is automatically sent to your accounting system’s general ledger. OpenTravel CRM can interface with any accounting solution that has an open API. Quickbooks is immediately available for use. TRAMS™ users should contact us to make arrangements for interfacing with your accounting system.

OTC has an extensive real time reporting module. Reporting covers all essential aspects of your business. These include sales reports for individual agents as well as reports for groups of Agents, as well as by product type and supplier identity. Automatic report deliveries to user recipients can be configured, providing real time information updates. Commission receipt tracking and reconciliation functions are provided to maintain control over your business.


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Expand your customer base

Improve your customer relationships and dramatically increase sales by applying proven business and marketing techniques through easy to use tools.

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