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Travel Pro Mail

Get a professional email address / email account accessible from the web and OpenTravel CRM.

FREE QuickBooks

Simple Start 2008

Download the industry leading accounting software for free.

NOTE: Simple Start is for first–time QuickBooks users. It cannot import data from prior versions of QuickBooks, Quicken, or Peachtree. For Windows only.

Electronic Cruise Booking

Get real time access to Galileo's cruise inventory with low booking fee's of 99 cents per reservation .

Personal Email Domain

Send and receive email with a personal email address – You@YourDomainName.com .

Professional e-Marketing

Distribute and manage your email marketing campaigns — manage opt out requests, undeliverable email
addresses and view click through reports.

OpenTravel Professional

Go Ad-Free

OTC Professional Edition is a non-ad version of the industry-leading CRM solution. When upgrading from Express to Professional Edition, the application functionality remains the same, however, the advertisements are no longer displayed

Galileo Terminal

$9.99 per month

Capture and send PNR information between OpenTravel CRM and Galileo .


Flight Information & Tracking Service

View your clients flight status' in real time with a single click of the mouse .

Electronic Hotel Booking

Get real-time access to Galileo and Pegasus' hotel inventory to compare prices and book at the lowest rates .

Accounting Export

Accounting Export allows OpenTravel CRM users to export General Ledger journal entries into a comma separated values file. This file can then be imported into many accounting systems and all of the travel related accounting information will be available in the target accounting system. This feature allows users to choose their accounting platform independent of the CRM and travel management system.

Contract Management

Build net rate supplier contracts, manage contract inventory and book at contracted rates .

Business Opportunities

We're Open...Let's Mash it Up!

Want to connect with us?  In order to grow and prosper in today's business environment, it is important to work cooperatively and be a member of a healthy business and user community eco-system.  The days of the "we do it all software" are gone.  If you’ve got a great widget, idea, service, or product that provides mutual value to our user community, lets make it happen.

Who and What Business Partnering Ideas

Travel Suppliers - Distribute Your Product Inventory

The Travel Agent community is and remains a vital and important retail distribution channel. In fact, the more complex and personalized the travel product, the more likely it is that a skilled travel profesional is selling it. So, why not directly reach this key channel right at the desktop?

4 Great Ways to Connect with OpenTravel CRM users

Contact Us About Connecting

1Electronically Connect to OTC - if you have an API or direct connect service that allows for searching and booking of your inventory, you can connect. Key points:

  • There is no charge to you, if you do the connection work.
  • We do not charge you access fees or booking transaction charges.
  • Sorry, we will not pay you for the privilege of helping you sell your stuff.
  • You can charge whatever you wish to end-users for access. We will charge our low, low .99 Cent booking fee. If you charge too much, you won't be used.
  • You can not block other suppliers, and don't ask us to.

2Web Connect with OTC - If you have a travel partner web site or booking site, you can join OTC as a "web connected"partner. Booking is just an Icon click away, and booking transactions are automatically captured into the OTC user's itinerary and back office. Web connect suppliers enjoy the advantage of increased usability, ease of access and use with the travel agents. Key points:

Free Booking All Around:

  • No transaction or booking fees charged by OTC to you.
  • No transaction or booking fees by OTC to end-user agents.

3Join the OTC Supplier Directory - Join the OpenTravel Supplier Directory, which is a searchable agent information directory connected to OpenTravel CRM. There are free basic listings and paid listings for those seeking to promote offers more agressively with agents.

4Advertise in OTC - Take advantage of the most innovative and effective advertising medium available in the industry. Put your products and brand directly in front of travel agents while they work in the OTC desktop. Advertise with the right audience at the right time and right place.

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Software Developer and Application Partners

Developing on OTC - OpenTravel CRM welcomes other developers and application providers to connect with us. OTC will have a variety of published web services and APIs which will allow you to build onto OTC. A formal developers program will be released soon.

Key Principles of Our Open Development Program:

  • You can use our Services and APIs for any internal business purpose.
  • You can not sell or offer for commercial use any software you develop for use with OTC or that uses its services or APIs without our prior written permission.
  • You can freely distribute any software you develop for OTC use or that use OTC services or APIs to anybody for free (without charge of any kind)
  • If you wish to distribute software for commercial sale, you can do so through our Marketplace once you enter into a commercial distribution agreement with us.
Coming Soon

Developing on OTC - OpenTravel CRM welcomes other developers and application providers to connect with us. OTC will have a variety of published web services and APIs which will allow you to build onto OTC. A formal developers program will be released soon.

Value-Added Business Service Partners

Do you have valuable business services to offer? Consider partnering with OTC and reach an innovative and entrepreneurial business community. Ask us about how we can partner to offer your business services and products.

Need some ideas?

  • Banks and Financial Services
  • Merchant Account and Credit Card Processing
  • Insurance Products
  • Investment and Retirement Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Printing and Advertising Services
  • Communications Services
  • Business Equipment
  • Office Supplies
  • Shipping and Delivery Services

Be an OTC Consultant

Opportunity knocks for the right individual.

If you've got travel experience,drive and initiative, consider becoming an OpenTravel CRM Consultant. You are free to charge for your services like training, data migration, business optimization, customer service training, marketing and anything else that offers real value and insight for business owners. This program is under development, so its a great opportunity to help shape your own future.

Key Points of the program:

  • OTC does not take any revenue sharing fee on your consulting services
  • An affordable annual fee to support ongoing training, collateral material and consultant support services will be accessed.
  • You will be eligible for commissions on fee based, enterprise OTC-E software that you sell.
  • You will earn commission on any OTC advertising that you sell.
  • Exclusive territories will be considered subject to exclusivity fees and achieving minimum sales performance goals
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