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A Free CRM and Multi-Purpose Travel Agent
Desktop Web Application

OpenTravel CRM (OTC) is an innovative, free, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and multi- purpose travel agent desktop business automation solution.

OTC tools are designed to provide travel agents with everything they need to manage customer profiles, conduct and track marketing campaigns, book travel and create custom itineraries.

Your Opportunity

You can sponsor and advertise inside the OTC Application, placing your brand and product(s) in direct, active view of travel agent users as they work within the OTC Application.

Innovative Software with Web 2.0 DNA

Make our investment yours! OTC is a next generation web application built in .Net 2.0/3.0. It is built on a state-of-the- art SOA design architecture, has exposed web services and APIs for easy integration and expansion and is a super-scalable technology platform that will continue to grow and evolve.

OTC has Web 2.0 capabilities built into its core that enable delivery of competitive, state-of-the-art web features. Instant messaging, VOIP, online customer and supplier presence, blogging, RSS, and interactive forums are integrated into the business solution fabric, creating the first Social Networking Relationship Management technology for travel professionals.



The Right Audience

OTC is designed for your travel agents and travel partners. Unlike the general online consumer, travel partners are focused on marketing and selling your products. They remain a vital link in the travel distribution chain. OTC creates an audience of travel agents, and a powerful advertising medium within the agent desktop business workspace.

The Right Time

OTC ensures your brand and product(s) are delivered and at the finger tips of travel agents and travel partners when it matters most. All day long, your advertisements and offers are presented to your travel partners in the context of their daily business activities - the marketing and selling of travel.

The Right Location

Everybody knows that the three rules of selling are... location, location, location. OTC is the ultimate advertising location and context medium. It delivers your brand and product(s) to users who want your product(s). Our advertising programs enable placement of relevant tasks and functional content, thus, providing a valuable opportunity to deliver your timely and relevant message that will bring both immediate action and long term product message and brand value reinforcement.

Provides Long Term Value and Builds

Travel Partner Goodwill You’ll get more for your investment by sponsoring OTC. Not only are you present in the most effective and innovative advertising medium available in travel, you are building long lasting brand value by providing your travel partners with business tools that they value. Unlike a fleeting story or article, you have equipped your travel partners with technology that will help them market and sell your product(s) better. It’s a win-win!

More Value for Less Money

OTC advertising is more effective than either traditional print or online web marketing. OTC advertisements have long and lasting impression times, are present all day long and are context relevant. The average advertisement view time in a print publication is less than 60 seconds per publication period. In the case of online advertisements, user frequency is unpredictable and fleeting, and in many instances has little or no context relevance. OTC offers it all – durable ad presence, long impression exposure time, and total context relevance. What’s the proof? Common sense. Users are online all day long conducting business inside OTC.



Co-Branded Sponsorships

Up to only three (3) application sponsorships are available. They include run of site (ROS) ad presence and print media co-branding. Only one sponsor per industry segment will be permitted. This is a cost effective alternative to developing your own expensive, limited use desktop tool which is competing with other independent utilities that get limited use.

Premium Run of System Placement

These are premium ad spaces located on all main pages in the OTC Application. A variety of location and size options are available. These ROS ads are ideal for the supplier who wants to capture a high profile, constant brand and product presence.

Travel Product Results Brought to You By...

OpenTravel CRM users have the ability to search, find and link to travel products. This includes electronic searching and booking tools, external booking link resources, and manual booking capabilities. You can sponsor travel product specific resource pages in the application, ensuring that your brand and product offerings are string considerations during the travel planning is in process.

Available travel product sponsorships include: Air, Cruise, Hotel and Resort, and Car.

High Frequency Task Placement

These ads are high profile, repetitive impression spaces that are prominently displayed when a frequent application task is undertaken by a user. Example: A customer contact search return.

Supplier Directory Listings and Coupon Offers

OTC has a searchable travel supplier directory which agents and the general public can access. Listed partners can publish coupon offers which are seen only by agents.



Levent Kolukisa | Travel Sciences, Inc.
11 Asylum Street, Suite 402, Hartford, CT 06103
P: 860-543-6070 | E: levent@travelsciences.com

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