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Reach Thousands of Agents Who Reach Tens of Thousands of Consumers

How It Works
Travel Suppliers & Marketers
Travel Suppliers & Marketers

Get exclusive travel deals and fam trips direct from top suppliers! Send branded email campaigns to your customers for free. Use our free CRM to search offers and store customer information!

Travel Suppliers & Marketers
  A Solution to Effectively Distributing Your Travel Offers.   The Travel Offer Network™ – The Next Step in Intelligent Offer Distribution
The travel offer you just sent was emailed to thousands of travel partners.  Guess what?

Most hit the “delete” button and never saw it.  Those that did open it most likely left it in their email box never to be found or looked at again. 

  Imagine this.  You instantly email your travel offers to a network of travel agents and rather than disappearing into email oblivion, your offers are automatically stored in the travel agent’s CRM and marketing system for easy reference and look-up.  Your offers are never lost again, and are at the finger tips of agents while they are selling travel!  Now, that’s a solution that works.   Our new Travel Offer Network™ is a secure web based portal with an easy and fast way to upload and publish your travel specials into a growing network of thousands of travel agents using OpenTravel CRM. (OTC).

OpenTravel CRM (OTC) is a web based travel agent desktop CRM and marketing solution launched in mid-September 2007.  OTC has experienced sizzling growth with nearly 3,000 travel agents registered, trained and using the system to market and sell travel.  An average of 50 new agents join each week.