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Travel Pro Mail

Get a professional email address / email account accessible from the web and OpenTravel CRM.

FREE QuickBooks

Simple Start 2008

Download the industry leading accounting software for free.

NOTE: Simple Start is for first–time QuickBooks users. It cannot import data from prior versions of QuickBooks, Quicken, or Peachtree. For Windows only.

Electronic Cruise Booking

Get real time access to Galileo's cruise inventory with low booking fee's of 99 cents per reservation .

Personal Email Domain

Send and receive email with a personal email address – .

Professional e-Marketing

Distribute and manage your email marketing campaigns — manage opt out requests, undeliverable email
addresses and view click through reports.

OpenTravel Professional

Go Ad-Free

OTC Professional Edition is a non-ad version of the industry-leading CRM solution. When upgrading from Express to Professional Edition, the application functionality remains the same, however, the advertisements are no longer displayed

Galileo Terminal

$9.99 per month

Capture and send PNR information between OpenTravel CRM and Galileo .


Flight Information & Tracking Service

View your clients flight status' in real time with a single click of the mouse .

Electronic Hotel Booking

Get real-time access to Galileo and Pegasus' hotel inventory to compare prices and book at the lowest rates .

Accounting Export

Accounting Export allows OpenTravel CRM users to export General Ledger journal entries into a comma separated values file. This file can then be imported into many accounting systems and all of the travel related accounting information will be available in the target accounting system. This feature allows users to choose their accounting platform independent of the CRM and travel management system.

Contract Management

Build net rate supplier contracts, manage contract inventory and book at contracted rates .

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about OpenTravel CRM.

Getting Started

  • How do I signup for a user account?
    You can register for a trial OpenTravel CRM user account using the Quick Sign Up form located at
  • How do I create a contact?
    You can create a contact from Contact Search area. Simply search for the contact to ensure the contact does not already exist, then click the Add New button.
  • How do I book a trip?
    You can book a trip by clicking on the Trip Planner icon on the My Tools page. This will transition you to a page where you can start to book a trip.


  • How can I get support for OpenTravel CRM?
    OpenTravel CRM provides free email support for the trial edition of OpenTravel CRM. You can access free support from within the application by clicking on the Support link. Paid support is available by phone.

Galileo Terminal Services

  • Do I need an account with Galileo to use your Galileo service?
    Yes. Galileo is a 3rd party service. You need to create an account with Galileo in order to use the OTC Galileo Terminal. Our Galileo service is an interface to Galileo that allows you to access value-added functionality that includes porting your client information into Galileo, and pulling Galileo trip information back into OpenTravel CRM.
  • How can I set up a Galileo account?
    You can setup a Galileo account by contacting Galileo directly. You can find there contact information at
  • What is the commission rate for Galileo accounts?
    Galileo is a 3rd party service. As such, the commission rate for bookings through Galileo is defined in your account agreement with Galileo.

Data and Security

  • How do you protect our data and client information?
    At OpenTravel CRM, we take the your clients’ privacy and the security data very seriously. To ensure the integrity of OTC data, OpenTravel CRM is hosted in a state of the art datacenter featuring 24x365 network monitoring, a fully redundant electrical and data supply, as well as multi-layer facility security.

    To provide further protection, OpenTravel CRM is built on a security model that features several layers of protection including: secure data encryption, database segmentation, redundant hard disk arrays, nightly data backups and role based user security.

    If you require a higher level of security or wish to have OpenTravel CRM installed on your own server, please contact the OTC Sales Team for further information.
  • Is the data stored in OpenTravel CRM kept confidential?
    Yes. OpenTravel CRM does not use or redistribute data for any purpose. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • Can I export my data out of OpenTravel CRM?
    Yes. You can export your client information out of the application into Microsoft Excel. An interface to QuickBooks has also been developed for financial transactions. As the application matures, additional interfaces and export options will be available.


  • Are there any hidden fee’s?
    No. OpenTravel CRM can be used 'off the shelf' without any additional cost. There are no setup fee’s, administration costs or limited trial use terms associated with the trial edition of OpenTravel CRM.
  • What is the difference between the trial version of OpenTravel CRM and the paid version.
    There is no difference in functionality between the two versions of OpenTravel CRM. The only difference is that the trial version of OpenTravel CRM is supported by sponsors through paid for placement product advertisements.


  • Can OpenTravel CRM manage a consortia of users?
    Yes. OpenTravel CRM is designed to handle an infinite number of users and user groups. OpenTravel CRM’s user management allows multiple user, group and geographical relationships that can be customized to meet the needs of a consortia or host agency with large user communities.

OpenTravel CRM Versions

  • Does the trial version of OpenTravel CRM contain all the functionality of competing products?
    Yes. The trial version of OpenTravel CRM is not a 30 day trial or limited functionality release of the software.
  • Can I pay for a version of the software that does not contain advertisements?
    Yes. For a small monthly fee (currently $39.95), you may use a non-ad supported version of OpenTravel CRM.
  • Are there any charges for upgrades to OpenTravel CRM Trial Edition?
    No. OpenTravel CRM upgrades, software maintenance and the implementation of new features are automatically done at no charge to the customer. New features and bug fixes are applied to the application daily to provide our clients with the best possible product on the market today.

Commissions and Fee’s

  • What percentage of my commission does OpenTravel CRM keep?
    None. You keep all of your commissions. OpenTravel CRM charges a $0.99 per transaction booking fee in place of a standard commission model.

Travel Sciences and OpenTravel CRM

  • What will happen to OpenTravel CRM if the open solutions business model doesn’t work?
    OpenTravel CRM is a product of Travel Sciences Inc. Travel Sciences has been developing technology solutions for the travel industry since 2000 and currently offers several products and services to major travel industry companies that generate significant revenue.
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