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Mash It Up, Build on It, and Integrate with It – For FREE. 

Soon to be released APIs will enable developers to build plug-ins and easily integrate OTC with your other business systems.

So Stay Tuned and Check Back with Us.

What Our OTC Developer Program Will Look Like:

Open Source License

APIs to OpenTravel CRM will be made available under a general public license format.  The OpenTravel CRM License will allow the following:

  • You will be able to build on, modify and create new functions and plug-ins using the OpenTravel CRM APIs, as well as use your derivative works for your own internal business and personal use (“New Software”).
  • You cannot sell, license or make the New Software available for commercial sale, distribution or any other commercial exploitation, without first obtaining a commercial distribution license from us.
  • But, you can make the New Software freely available to others without charge.  If you do that you must give us a copy of the source code.

Note:  This is only a very brief summary of the license program.  Any use of our APIs will be subject to formal license terms which will be published at the same time the APIs are made publicly available.  You will be required to agree to the license terms.

OTC Certified Developer Program

We will be launching the OTC certified developer program, which will enable developers to create commercial software utilities, add-ons and plug-ins which can be commercially redistributed and sold to the public.  This program will involve our testing of your software, and when approved will carry a special OTC Certified Designation.  It will also be listed and made available to the OpenTravel CRM user community through the marketplace.

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